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OpSus Sentry

OpSus Sentry Overview

OpSus Sentry Privacy and Data Security, powered by Bottomline Technologies, provides a cross-platform surveillance system for unparalleled visibility of end-user activity in sensitive health information systems and back office applications across heterogeneous environments.

The solution helps health systems and hospitals combat HIPAA violations and data theft by replacing human adherence to policy and procedure with technology that ensures that inappropriate or suspicious behavior can be stopped before it is too late.

OpSus Sentry is an intelligent and intuitive system that provides unparalleled visibility of end user activity in sensitive health information systems. Protect your organization with technology that detects and alerts in near real-time when inappropriate behavior occurs.


What threats does OpSus Sentry help me detect?

OpSus Sentry is an insider threat detection and mitigation service designed to quickly recognize PHI and privileged access violations and, through behavior analytics, provide near-real time notification of suspicious activity and EHR access.

Do I have a way to observe and review the activity that OpSus Sentry monitors?

Yes, OpSus Sentry includes a secure portal and dashboard for customers to review alert and access activity at any time. Reports and dashboards are customizable, enabling you to drill down into an individual alert, analyze the history of activity at a specific facility, and review the status of an existing investigation.

How can OpSus Sentry help me be pro-active with my internal security?

A fundamental component to OpSus Sentry is understanding normal activity at your hospital, then recognizing when behavior, access or user interests become abnormal. Through machine learning and behavioral analysis, your security program improves without your intervention or involvement. OpSus Sentry refines and expands your security and privacy controls by identifying new violation scenarios and incorporating known bad behaviors into its rules for approving/rejecting user access.

Isn’t this service for large hospitals…what if my facility is small or medium sized?

According to a HIMSS study in 2018, insider threats (whether intentional or unintentional) accounted for 25% of known violations involving internet access. Although VIP patients are not a typical scenario for most small and medium sized facilities, EPHI access by accident, negligence and malicious intent are a reality for all medical facilities.

Does OpSus Sentry pair well with other OpSus Services?

Yes, OpSus Sentry compliments the OpSus Live and OpSus Edge service, where CloudWave fully manages your infrastructure and has a working relationship with your EHR Application provider- enabling all three to act quickly in the event an insider attack is deemed malicious.


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